Date: 18th May 2018 at 7:14am
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Yesterday afternoon the Birmingham Mail reported that they understood that West Bromwich Albion were now ready to turn Darren Moore’s caretaker position into a permanent one ahead of the 2018/19 Championship campaign.

With plenty of fans not being shy in announcing their desire for the club legend to take the role on in a permanent manner, the response to this news hasn’t been quite as many probably expected it to be, as caution has certainly crept in given how big a year the club faces next season.

The big year isn’t just an attempt to bounce back to the top flight at the first time of asking, with financial issues as referenced previously by chief executive Mark Jenkins, there will also naturally be worries of ‘doing a Sunderland’ if money becomes more important than performances.

Positive Accounts Contain West Brom Bombshell

The concerns expressed about Moore are certainly valid ones. Even then, it’s nothing that can’t be addressed with the appointment of a more experienced assistant gaffer and one that fits with him and his current backroom boys.

As this turns from speculation into possible reality, it’s fair to say as it garners more comments I’d be amazed if more didn’t re-bang his drum and point out the job he did in stabilising us to give us a shot of survival given how buried we appeared to be.

Everyone has to get their break somewhere and football shows sometimes the right man at the right club can achieve wonders.

If he gets the job as plenty wish, let’s hope it’s one of those stories.


5 Replies to “Caution Takes Over For West Brom Fans On Eve Of Speculated Announcement”

  • Heart says Big Dave, head says experience in Dean Smith would be safer, but let’s get behind the big man. Looking forward to the big clear out and giving game time to the likes of Field, Leko and Co. Hope we can keep Daws and Rodrigues but doubtful

  • Again cheap option by this board and owner.Player power involved which is stupid considering how bad they have been this season.If this is true we end up with manager who’s only experience is and end of season run when we were already relegated and no pressure on him or the poor players and an Italian who knows nothing about the championship.Mark Jenkings stated when he returned he wanted to make Albion attractive to watch again after watching boring football the last few years.Although big Dave is an Albion legend but theTeams he put out at end of season could have been picked by Puiils defensive minded.I am not confident for our future or style of football.I remember once we gave a caretaker manager the job after a brilliant time but it soon went bad that man was Brian Talbot he was the fans choice.The club went down to the third division soon after hope history doesn’t repeat its self.

  • Yes it is a gamble but then almost any appointment will be in the current situation.does anyone know if Dean Smith would come if asked?His comments and actions suggest he wants to stay with Brentford.Darren Moore has masses of experience except at the top level.A lot will depend on who joins as his No 2 .All we know about him is what we see and read from a distance.The Albion Board know a lot more about him and will have informal chats wth him before nipping off to China to agree his appointment. So they will be fully aware of how he intends his teams to play etc; His caretaker period suggested a tactical awareness given the situation – not a time for major changes but a repair job using the Pulis squad .Expect a different approach once all the in and out movements are done and we have the new squad in place.I do not see it as a cheap option as some suggest .He is Baggies through and through and should be given a chance to show how good he can be. Much better than one of the old gang like Pardew / Allardyce etc;

  • Love Big Dave what a great bloke.
    I’m not sure he’s the right man for this job though. He lifted the side for a few games but he’s going to have to rebuild a new side now. Just hope he’s got good advice. Could he bring in Gary Megson as his no 2 perhaps?

    • Megson as second maybe isn’t a bad shout actually. It’s believed an announcement is imminent looking around today anyway.

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