Date: 27th August 2018 at 11:10am
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Former West Bromwich Albion centre-half Gareth McAuley has gone on record this weekend and stated that he was preparing for life at The Hawthorns over the summer as head coach Darren Moore had indicated he wanted to keep him around – but the Board disagreed.

I know fans had concerns about the 38-year-old’s age and that seems to have been shared by those above our gaffer, but not keeping him on always felt strange to me as he could’ve continued to do a job at this level for at least the next 12 months and that’s without hyping up the role he could’ve played as an experienced old head as Moore made the switch to a greater youthful element over pre-season.

Despite plenty of speculation that has seen him linked with numerous sides this summer, not least Aston Villa and Rangers up in Scotland, he remains without a club.

In a piece published by the Times this Saturday, McAuley explained that his exit was as much of a shock for him as it was for fans who expected him to agree a new deal.

“I spoke to Big Mooro. He said if he got the job, he’d want me around. All the summer I was preparing myself to go back. Then I got a call from Big Mooro. He said, ‘Look, the club have a problem with your age’.”

Subject to a sensible deal on his wage it still seems a no-brainer for me but obviously, the club disagree.