Date: 30th June 2019 at 8:00pm
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It seems we can’t even enjoy a heatwave at The Hawthorns these days without bad news getting in the way of what was otherwise an enjoyable Saturday – West Bromwich Albion are now set to lose out on millions when it comes to the sale of long wantaway defender Craig Dawson.

If the rumour mill is to be believed 29-year-old Dawson is no stranger to transfer requests having originally submitted one according to reports back in 2014 and everyone remembers the antics last summer during the pre-season build up.

Given that Burnley wouldn’t reach what many believed was a standalone valuation of £20million, West Brom also rebuffed a reported Watford loan to buy offer of around £10million – and I still say that was the right decision given the lowball offer at the time.

Sky Sports built on this summer’s speculation linking the Vicarage Road outfit with having a continued interest in the player but they claimed that a £5.5million deal had now been agreed and they expected that come Monday the transfer would be announced.

Having passed his medical on Saturday the player is said to have agreed a four year deal.

With mixed views on his performances last year I think everyone expected him to be off this summer and even allowing for the fact he’ll be a free agent this time next year, that price seems woeful to me and we should’ve been holding out for £10million at least.

With us having to maximise transfer fees this summer given our claimed financial issues, I just don’t see why we’re in a hurry here as £5.5million isn’t snap your hand off.

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5 Replies to “Will Another Poor West Brom Decision Come Back To Haunt Us – Millions Lost On Reported Dawson Deal”

  • I have to agree. What the hell is Dowling doing. The biggest financial problem we’ve got is the idiot Dowling.
    The first transfer out should be Dowling back to whatever club he came from with a couple of mil sweetener because they will definitely need the money.

    • He’s not actually calling the shots though, he just seems to be the one fronting up and taking the criticism for those above him and for that, I have to give him a bye. He’s not the CEO or owner (do we have one?).

  • I have to say it sounds as though the owner is having a fire sale and then will sell the club for what he can get. He is making Mike Ashley look interested.

  • I challenge anyone to look at any of the Premier League team’s squads and tell me which would be very obviously improved by Dawson certainly as a first choice starter. Last year we made the decision to keep him in the hope of getting back into the Premier League had it worked out and then everyone gets a medal.
    It didn’t so we take a nominal loss on Dawson who at the age of 29 with just one year left on his contract is not worth what he was last year. Remember that was reportedly £10m well without multiple clubs being interested and they weren’t we ain’t getting £10m or anything like it 55% to 60% of it ain’t bad.

    • £10m was the Watford loan deal. £25m for him and Jay from Burnley. I bet they’d have dealt at £15m knowing he’d already transfer requested as that was what they then paid for Ben Gibson and we’d have lost an unhappy player. I don’t think he was that bad and I think the criticism last year was more scapegoaty based on the summer antics, but £15m would’ve been a good price.

      We should’ve pushed Watford to that with clauses, so his deal today at the reported 5.5 isn’t a nominal loss Cyber – it’s a joke.

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