Date: 28th September 2018 at 11:36am
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Yesterday Brighton and Hove Albion confirmed that they had secured the future services of former Baggie Dan Ashworth.

Our former Technical Director worked wonders at the club given our notoriously small budgets under former owner Jeremy Pearce and with the work he oversaw, we certainly saw some well-loved players come through the doors as we established ourselves as a Premier League club.

It can’t all be blamed on his departure as he left for a role with the Football Association and England, but his loss undoubtedly contributed to our fall from grace and struggles in recent years – especially when we look at the switch in the type of player signed and, shall I say, the mental attitude they lacked when it came to fighting for the cause.

In any event, he’s moving on and Brighton are now the beneficiaries of his skills, and as the above ably demonstrates, a number of our fans were quick to let the Amex outlet followers know exactly what they were getting.


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