Date: 24th April 2006 at 9:35pm
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Plans are underway for some kind of protest at The Hawthorns next Monday night at our final home game of the season. With our relegation to the Championship almost complete fans want to use the last home game of the season against West Ham to make their feelings known towards the board.

Fans are being encouraged to bring white flags to wave in mass protest against the way we have surrendered our position in the Premier League without any fight. Last season the players pulled off the Greatest of Escapes and created Premiership history by becoming the first team to beat off relegation after being bottom of the league at Christmas.

This season has seen little in terms of improvement in terms of the squad and many feel it has been a lost opportunity to build even further. The main culprits are the Baggies board headed by Chairman Jeremy ?I?m off on holiday? Peace and Bryan ?I love playing one up front Robson.

Albion look certain for relegation, needing a miracle to pull off survival, the Baggies lie 6-points from safety with two games remaining, needing Portsmouth and Birmingham to lose both games they have left. Not only do we need them both to lose we need to score more goals, which does not look likely.

Portsmouth face Wigan at the JJB Stadium on Saturday and Blues face Newcastle at St Andrews, both teams have improved over the past few weeks whereas Albion have been poor, turning in one of their worst performances of the season at Newcastle last weekend in such an important game.

Albion could be relegated before kicking another ball as both Pompey and Blues both play on Saturday, Albion playing the Hammers on Monday night. Albion will be hoping that Pompey lose at Wigan and Blues fail to beat Newcastle to take it to the last day of the season but the way we are playing at the moment I really don?t think it would matter. Albion have looked poor and a win looks a long way off, poor team selection at St James Park meant that we just rolled over and set ourselves up for a fall.

Robson has now more or less admitted that we are down and he has to take responsibility for how we have gone down, no fight and poor selections. He played weakened teams at the bigger clubs and for the first 10 games of the season we all thought he was selecting the team out of a hat.

Now the time has come for action, Monday night we should be relegated after the weekends results and we need to make ourselves heard. A number of different options have been put forward but the one that seems to have grabbed everyone?s attention is the white flag option.

Another option was to be silent when the teams come out or even turn your back to the pitch as the teams lined up. All of these are an option but the white flag for surrender is an eye-catching option for the Sky camera?s that will be present; it works at Barcelona and is a peaceful way of venting your frustrations.

We have lined up to be shot and the white flag is the best way to show that the manager and the board have surrendered.

So Monday night bring your flags, pillow cases, tea towels etc. to wave in protest at the way your club has surrendered its position in the Premiership. Monday night 8 o?clock at The Hawthorns be ready to vent your frustrations in a peaceful manner.

I must add if we are still not mathematically down by the time the game comes, we MUST put the protests ON HOLD, for the sake of the club, it?s only a small possibility and I do not believe we stand a chance but funnier things have happened, for a start Wolves actually got promoted.


ALL GO DOWN TOGETHER, with Robson in charge we are not going to come back up, no ideas, no tactics, no hope, ROBSON OUT!


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  • I agree with every word. After 62 years of support I shall not be renewing my season ticket if bryan Robson is manager. He has bored me to death almost and should have copied Wigan and West Ham. I HATE NEGATIVE FOOTBALL. We can tolerate losing as long as we have GONE FOR A WIN. The team has no belief in his so-called tactics and he has ruined Earnshaw and Ellington.

  • Who do you think will want to come to your club if Robson goes cyggy? Will your chairman spend some money pre season?

  • Yeah, I agree with what cyggy says, I am 49 years old, and I have not seen such negative tactics from an Albion manager, since we where relegated to the old 3rd division. I feel cheated after the great escape of last season. I realy believed that this term would see us mid table. For me, we have missed young Kieran Richardson, and Zolton Gera this season big time. For me my player of the season as been young Curtis Davis by far, the rest have been rubbish. If I was to sum up this season, by saying that I was disappointed, would be an understatement, its been a TOTAL DISASTER, a total let down. Robson should have kept Ernie, and should have bent over backwards to bring Eugo, and Hasselbaink to the club. I support the Idea of a white flag protest, but I would like to suggest to fans, DON’T RENEW YOUR SEASON TICKETS. In my opinion, it’s the only way to get the club to listen, otherwise nothing will change. We need to get Robson, and Jeremy out. Look at whats happenning up on Wearside, Sunderland, a complete clearout. Good luck to Nail Quinn. I have been a fan of West Bromwich Albion since 1962, I can remember the team with Bobby Robson in it. For me Relegation to the Championship is totally unacceptable, its a showing of negative ambition, and I have not seen that from an Albion team for many years. I will not be buying a season ticket next season.

  • What will make me buy a season ticket for the baggies next season???. Well lets see, £ 500 is a lot of money, and when you work in a mundane invironment, like a factory, then you want to see some kind of investment for your money. If this club could show me some kind of commited 5 plan for success, then I might be tempted. I want to see Attacking football from my team, I don’t want to see the ball in my half of the pitch for 80% of the game. I feel that we need to build from the back, a complete revamp. The only current player I would keep is Curtis Davis build on the academy, remove the board, the manager, and look at somebody with a desire, a desire to succeed. I’m talking about a 5 maybe 7 year plan, to get us back to the Premiership. It’s no good being a yo-yo team, up-down every season. We need to build a team of youth, that can take the Premiership by storm, and stay their for many years. I would’nt mind seeing Nigel Clough at the Albion, a good young youthfull Manager, whio is proving himself with Buryton Albion. Someone like that who can grow with the team. Look at the great Liverpool team of the Sixties and Seventies, built entirely at one stage from good honest local working class lads, all Btitish players, Chris Lawler, Ian St Jhon, Ian Callagan, they started from nothing, and look what happenned to them. IT CAN BE DONE!. A 7 year plan, a fresh new look board, with desire. A good young Manager with ambition to succeed and grow with the academy, then and only then will I ever consider buying a season ticket.

  • Thanks for all your feedback guys, like I said IF (a very big if) we are still not mathematically down we must support the team, if not we must make our feelings known, this season has been a let down and the negative tactics have been part or our downfall…Even if it is the due to the players not being good enough it’s on Robson’s shoulders, he has had the chance to bring in the players he wanted…

  • Posible replacements for Robson,
    I would like to put forward to the fans.
    Mike Newell- Luton Town, Nigel Clough- Burton Albion, or maybe Steve Tilson- Southend United.

    My point is simply this, what has happenned to all the Millions that this club has had over the past 4 seasons, the money from Sky TV, The monies from the Premier League, the Parachute monies that we recieved last time we where relegated from the Premiership. Where as it all gone???, . No attempt has been made by this club to buy quality, so why bother renewing season tickets, when clearly the club don’t want to give the fans something back???.

  • No idea where the money has gone, money has been invested in the Academy which is a good thing, no idea where the rest has gone, it’s all waiting for our assault on the Premiership…I agree, a young manager with fresh ideas, Parkinson would be a good choice at Colchester or Tilson…We need someone with a mean streak this time around, the players need some discipline not a mate…

  • the protest will certainly help you financially and on the pitch! they are not going to pay any attention at all

  • I agree with Vertigo_red’s view, I doubt very much that any attention will be paid by the players, to the demo. If results go our way on Saturday, with Portsmouth and Blues both losing, then obviousely we have a chance of survival, in which case we must all get behind the team. On the other hand, if we are relegated come Monday night, then I believe that we should Demonstrate in front of the players, letting them know in no uncertain terms, exactly what we as fans think of them. Going down without a fight, is totally unthinkable, and should not be tolerated. Look at blues now, fighting for their existance, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it, why could’nt we have done that. I’m a little old fashioned in my views. The problem with the season ticket is simple, once you pay your £400, the club as got you hook line and sinker, because they can do what they like. I say no to season tickets, simply because the club won’t change in its policies, if we buy them. I prefere to be given the option of paying on the day at the turnstile. The more success on the pitch, the higher the turnover of fans and gate receipts. If the team struggles, the gate receipt struggles. What you have in short, is an incentive to win football matches. What we have at the moment is a nonsence, the club does’nt have to prove anything, because they have your money up front. I say to fans, don’t renew your season tickets, thats the way I feel to get the club to sit up and notice the discontent of the fans. In total a far reaching protest than just waving a white flag.

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