Date: 19th September 2008 at 9:03am
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1) So, how do you see this season going for you, do you have enough to crack the top four? Or will it be a struggle to get into Europe? Any cups coming to Villa Park?

With very decent results already under our belt (OUR belts LOL you’d think I was in the team!! Jeez, I don’t know about me needing a belt, more a gusset!) against Manchester City and Spurs + a credible draw against Liverpool, we have certainly picked up where we left off last season and have added quality and quantity to the squad, so Sir Alex Chewalot might have a point when he says Villa could be the dark horses this season. He did say for the title but I find that very hard to believe, if we had a couple more strikers then…. but not just yet! Top four? It is still an outside chance because I think the top two are already written in stone as Manchester United and Chelsea, + Arsenal and Liverpool do know how to close seasons BUT the cracks might be there for one of them and if we can stay pretty much injury free and add a striker maybe in January…. I would most certainly back us for 5th or 6th.

As for Cups, I think it is a realistic possibility but I’m not really one to get carried away, there are at least ten clubs who have the same sort of realistic expectations if the draws are kind to them. I’d not bet against some silverware this season but then, we can’t do what we did against Leicester City in the Carling Cup if we are serious! Be nice if we could snatch the Uefa Cup, that might even raise half a smile on my miserable mug.

2) Blues, Baggies or Wolves. Who do you dislike the most and why!?!??!?!

I dislike any team that beats us and anyone above us in the league! I’m not one to worry about our local rivals apart from when we play them, I don’t like the modern trend for the Holte End to sing about the Blues because unless they are on the pitch facing us, they don’t exist. I have never had a problem with the Baggies though and it always was the traditional local derby. Baggies do have history and heritage and I like The Hawthorns, only when we win though!

3) Villa v Baggies was always the traditional local derby, who do you now see as your main rivals?

Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea, locality aside, it is them guys we need to get up with again. They are the ones to beat, however on our way it is ALWAYS nice to beat any local team and that includes Leicester who for years were as close to a local derby as we could get.

4) Best signing for the Villa this summer and worst exit?

Well, according to a couple of my mates – I say mates, it is more care in the community to be honest – the pizza pods are the best arrivals but as I think cheese is the devils food, I’d say the signing of James Milner was a great move for us. I think he will be worth his weight in gold and gives us a great balance, him on one side and Ashley Young bombing down the other. Nice thing is they can both play either flank. Also told that Carlos Cuellar is world class, so Rangers loss should be our gain.

I was basically fine with all the exits, just glad I’m not saying Gareth Barry!

5) What do you think about the Baggies and also Tony Mowbray?

As above, I have never had a problem with the Baggies, I enjoyed my visit to the Hawthorns and would have been there again this season but I refuse to be ripped off to the tune of £40. We don’t charge away fans that and so I don’t see why we should have to pay it. If it was up to me our club would play tit for tat and charge the same but our owners/directors have more class so they won’t!

I don’t know a great deal about Mowbray but what I have seen so far is very positive. He seems a very straight guy and does have you playing very nice football. Can’t really figure why he let Kevin Phillips go though, I think KP could still have done a job for you this season.

6) If you could have one of our players, who would it be and why?

I might say Luke Moore just to annoy you all! Not a good signing that was it? Scott Carson for the money you paid + the form he is showing this season might prove to be a very good signing though. Carson this season certainly looks a different player to the one we had last season, he was very indicisive and flapped a great deal last year but I would have taken him at the low price he went for as back up – something I don’t think he would have been keen on. You could have a gem there I think!

7) Who do you think will win the Prem and where do you think you’ll finish?

Manchester United will win. I’m hoping 4th, I’m thinking 5th, I’d settle for 6th, any less and I’d be gutted!!!

8) Ok, the big question, who will win on Sunday? Prediction please sir?

Villa. I hope the lesson was learnt v Stoke (that result to be fair, was always going to happen and we got bullied out of that game. The Baggies always turn up to play the game ‘properly’ and all things being equal, we should be too strong for you. I think – hope – pray that your passing game will play into our hands. I’ll go 2-0 to the Claret and Blues.

All the best for the season, I genuinely hope you stay up this year and have a strong feeling you will. (Cheers J! Ed.)

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12 Replies to “View from a Villain”

  • “A gussett?” Do you, perhaps, mean ‘girdle’?

    Or have you been wearing your crotchless panties again Fear?!

  • Moz, no idea to be honest!!! I was chuckling away (sad really that I only seem to amuse myself in life!) on the train back from London doing this interview exchange!

  • I just hope Villa manage to avoid the relegation battle this season, already lost to Stoke City, just hung on for the win against Spurs and i have to say looked second best against the no marks from Bulgaria, managed a goal when they were down to 9 men though.
    2-0 to Albion another home banker.

  • Villa are miles away from being in the top four. Looking at the strength in depth of the Villa squad I am expecting them to struggle this season.

  • depends what you mean by struggling my lord? Last season the argument would have been valid and yet we finished 6th with 71 goals to our name. This season we are MUCH stronger and actually have options in both defence and midfield. Only place we are still short is in the striker department but then, there are goals all over the team now, whereas in the past 10 odd years, we relied almost soley on the strikers. I think we can do top 6 again, where in the top 6 I have no idea!

  • Struggle is relative. Villa’s struggle and Albion’s struggle are two different things. I expect Villa to finish 8th or 9th which is a struggle when compared with last season’s efforts. I just think the teams around Villa have more options. Without Carew on Thurday Villa looked a little directionless and I expect him to miss more games this season.

  • It’s what I like about Baggies Fans. Sensible, friendly debate. None of the maniac rantings you get at the bluenose forums. Let’s get the game out of the way today, may the best team win, and I’m sure that with TM at the helm, you’ll be fine this season.

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