Date: 11th February 2016 at 7:47pm
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Head coach Tony Pulis has been asked about the ever rising price of tickets for the game and joked that his suggestion will probably see Jeremy Peace stop talking to him.

With tickets again a hot topic following the Liverpool protest and u-turn, from the looks of it all manager’s in their pre weekend press conferences are being asked about it and largely they are all singing from Pulis’ hymnsheet where he says away tickets should be capped at £10 maximum and others have spoken of greater reductions in home ticket prices as well.

Watford head coach Quique Sanchez Flores, from the looks of things, has said entry should be free presumably because clubs would make enough from other sales once a fan is inside of the Stadium to turn a profit?

Anyway, Pulis is quoted by the Birmingham Mail as saying.

‘Me personally, with all the money coming into the Premiership I’d love to see that atmosphere come back in and I’d love away supporters to only pay £10 a ticket. Whatever ground you go to just make it £10 and you can give 5,000 or 6,000 tickets away to the away support. If they can sell them, and I’m sure they would, then we’d get back to the atmospheres we used to have.’

Pulis went on to say that the German game has one thing over us and that’s the prices and you see it in the atmospheres, and he knows better atmospheres not only make it more enjoyable for fans but it aides the players as well.

‘I think the clubs now are getting enough money to subsidise and to help the public, that’s what we’ve got to do. Obviously we’ve got to do a lot for the youngsters and keep the youngsters involved. It’s the greatest football nation in the world. We produce great, great players that come through because of our systems and the way we work and the way we are. But what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to make sure that we’re not milking and milking and milking. We’ve got to give something back and most probably my chairman won’t speak to me again after this interview!’

There’s probably a few owners who won’t be talking to their managers from what I see.

Problem is it’s one thing saying it, it’s another thing doing it and manager’s even when completely genuinely holding that view (Pulis has form about money in football afterall) they have no power whatsoever to make it happen.

And there’s been enough talk about ticket prices and promises and changes and progress and bottom line is they are still going up.

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