Date: 14th July 2018 at 9:00am
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West Bromwich Albion’s Venezuelan striker Salomon Rondon has an incredibly high stock amongst the fanbase, not necessarily for his goal return which should certainly be better at the club, but mainly for his attitude and efforts on the pitch for us.

Whilst some take a taxi, Rondon will run. Others want a week off after internationals, he’s back as quick as he can be and announces he’s available every time he can.

His future is in doubt though with the relegation release clause that’s in his contract and plenty fear that he will be off as we look to balance the books with the loss of the Premier League money following relegation – balancing the books has to be addressed despite hoping for an instant promotion this year – we don’t have to look far across the country to see how quickly things can go incredibly wrong if you don’t.

Whilst there’s some with relegation releases that fans would be happy to let go slightly cheaper to get them off our books, Rondon would be a big miss especially as all his qualities seem tailor-made to dominate at this level given the added physicality in games. Fans have made no secret of that previously, and they haven’t missed the opportunity to do so again on the recent tweet (as above) from the big man.

Some in the press have painted it as a cryptic tweet – it’s not, in my humble if he wanted out he’d made it known by now even if extremely politely. The tweet means he’s staying unless he’s told otherwise or gets an offer he can’t refuse and I’m not rocket scientist – unless he’s off for a short break at Scunthorpe?