Date: 27th January 2013 at 10:52pm
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What is going on with Peter Odemwingie? Let’s recap.

Despite rumours the club stand firm that Odemwingie will go nowhere.

I believe QPR make an offer of £2million and the club reject it out of hand.

Odemwingie then hands in a transfer request which is equally rejected out of hand.

Odemwingie then realises a statement saying he has been hurt by the clubs’ decision to not let him leave.

‘I’m deeply hurt and in some ways offended by the lack of reciprocal common respect from the management of West Bromwich Albion. During my time at the club I believe I have delivered performances, effort and goal. I never complained when I found out that the club failed to inform me of enquiries that might have interested me and my family in the past. The fans have been great with me and I will always respect them. Some may say I have contributed, along with all my team mates, to the survival of the club in recent seasons. At this stage of my career, this opportunity may not come around again. A new challenge, a new opportunity, and a chance to play under the stewardship of one of the most respected managers in the game. I hope the management of West Bromwich Albion will accept my transfer request in the manner that I have requested it.’

It’s hard not to be cynical on what this opportunity at QPR may in fact be.

He continued.

‘West Bromwich Albion may argue that I am too vital a member of the team to allow me to leave now but I could argue that team selection so far this season has not reflected that and there is more than adequate cover for my position in the squad, culminating in my playing out of position. I have not taken this decision lightly and I would like West Bromwich Albion to accept what, in my opinion, is more than a reasonable offer from QPR for me.’

A position he has been very effective in, and a team selection that sees him as a regular starter ahead of those he believes we have ample cover in.

Never great when a player puts a valuation on their own head is it.

Under contract until 2014, you signed the extension, you enjoyed the greater benefits that contract gave, isn’t it more than reasonable to honour that contract Peter.

It all then got a little bit worse yesterday with the player taking to Twitter.

‘I can understand the reaction of a few Albion fans on my desire to leave the club. Real reason? Cos they once doubted my commitment. Can’t let go.

‘Want to know why I wanted to quit top flight football last summer earlier than I wished to? They know at the club.

‘Albion fans are not the only reason, but made it easier for me to decide to stay and try my best to forget about the disappointment. But it’s not getting better. Before bigger disappointment comes one day I better leave on a good note.’

I better leave on a good note, bit late for that Peter.

‘I am crazy ha ha adviser text saying don’t tweet, it weakens our position. Doesn’t weaken nothing! When I want to do something, I Do it.’

Shoot yourself in the foot, is that what you really wanted to do?

But it didn’t end there either did it. Roll on last night and earlier today.

For the list of tweets Click Here.

They started at roughly 10.30pm according to the Birmingham Mail and lasted an hour, leaving some thinking his account had been hacked, and the rest just utterly bemused.

The Daily Mail have Odemwingie as saying West Brom have ‘stolen’ his loyalty following their lack of respect.

And again to Twitter.

‘Best compliment I have ever received in my (career) as a player, manager like HR spending to bring me for mission ‘impossible’.’

It then got decidedly worse again, as he continued.

‘Offer came, everybody knows. I ask club what they think? Answer – not now. Maybe summer. I ask – or is it tactics to get more money? Answer – we have enough now there is no prise for you. We need you. I say ok. What’s the prise for the summer? We will tell you after the window closes.’

He then babbles a bit saying he said to the club that he has served them well and he thinks he deserves to have a price set so he can plan his career and what might be his last move in England. He didn’t feel he should have another summer not knowing what will happen.

‘I have contributed to the clubs success last two seasons I hoped to at least get a low prise. Answer – talk later. Last season January window is when I should have handed in transfer request. Was one foot in Rubin Kazan – not for sale. Fulham. Not for sale. Newcastle. Not for sale. Wigan. Not for sale. Loyalty left 70 percent, the rest they stole out of my pocket thinking I was keeping money in there.’

Last January – you mean four/five months after you signed your new contract? Loyalty ha!

I think Martin Swain sums it up appropriately in his tweet.

‘Odemwingie could have left Albion as another Regis. Now he will depart as another Curtis Davies. Sad…fine player, sullied legacy.’

I think I’ll just sit here shaking my head and keep my thoughts to myself.

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