Date: 19th March 2019 at 6:20am
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With the recent sacking of West Bromwich Albion head coach Darren Moore, plenty of fans and pundits have had their say but there is an unfortunate undercurrent to some of the criticism being levied at the club here.

For those who look at our squad through Baggie tinted spectacles and overlook the massive loss that Leicester City loanee Harvey Barnes was, West Brom are doing poorly simply because we aren’t challenging for the automatic promotion places in the 2018/19 Championship.

For others, Moore was doing a very good job (albeit with hiccups and things he could improve on as he continued to grow into the head coach role) and given the focus on finances and the targets we missed out on over the summer, that left him making do with free agents, loans and calling in favours to plug gaps, fourth position is a solid return, as the Championship can’t be underestimated.

Whatever you feel about the decision, it’s pretty clear to all concerned the Board have focused on the financial implications of not bouncing back to the Premier League at all costs, and it seems Guochuan Lai’s idea of failure is a non-top two finish.

Whether you feel that’s ridiculous and betrays a lack of football knowledge, or agree with it – that’s the driver, so pundit Paul Ince’s recent absolute rant is totally misplaced in this situation, and he’s not been alone in drawing his own conclusions, despite nothing backing them up in this instance.

“I’m trying to control my anger over what happened to Darren. I’m livid. They’ve been top of the table for a short while and, OK, they were in fourth spot when he was sacked but they will still get into the play-offs. Surely that’s success? What message does it send out? And what message does it say to aspiring black coaches and managers? I see the same tired faces getting the same jobs. And all I see being put in front of any BAME managers are hurdles and knock-backs. English football says it is serious about sorting out this diversity problem. But is it? When I look at black managers I’ve got to ask why it is that more of them haven’t come through. Is it because they are not successful? Or is it because they are not getting a proper chance? For me, Darren wasn’t.”

Looking at the football industry, Ince has a perfectly valid point and that shouldn’t be ignored but using this incident to try and imply that suggestion as some sort of further proof, is absolutely off base.


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  • Moore loved by everyone just did not have the ability to manage the team. Last years turnaround was due to players sticking their fingers up to the previous managers and also playing for transfers. This year his tactics at team formation have been dire with a complete inability to counteract opposition changes during a game. He was outthought all the time. he destroyed the teams confidence and removed their will to win by continually playing out from the back when the players were not good enough to do so . I cant help feeling that Jones had far too much influence on him. With respect WBA have only played well in 4-5 games this season and have been extremely lucky. I cant help feeling that this controversy escallated by Adrian Durham and Paul INCE will have a terrible effect on Moores career as people begin to scrutinise the job he did

    • I have to agree with everything she said and if these so called pundits cannot see this is because they are colour blind

      • Agree with some and disagree with others, but certainly glad I’m not the only one who realises the decision was grounded elsewhere given the claims. The Jones point and being so open, given what I remember about Belgium’s style of play, is a very good point in fact as we’ve long had issues defensively, and that style did not suit our strengths.

  • Absolutely agree I’m a season ticket holder and no way did I want Moore to get the job
    OK he did well the last few games of last season but that really was down to the players efforts not Darren’s tactical know how
    We all love him but what these pundits are suggesting is completely off track they obviously haven’t been watching us ,we have been extremely lucky in a lot of games this season in fact I can only recall 2games where we have dominated the game Leeds at home and villa away
    So I suggest you listen to the fans before you make these ridiculous claims

    • Yup, all credit to Moore for getting the spirit back and re-engaging the players and we all know that learning on the job he had flaws – it was always going to be that way. But for me, the decision is squared purely in panic about the £££’s, especially given the lack of summer backing. The Board’s expectation for this season is clearly out of whack with reality, as flaws, warts and all, there are team’s that would love to be in our position at this stage of the year. Ince raises (and others have) a very valid BAME issue, but hinging it on the back of Moore thinking this was a black or white issue is totally off base.

  • what a load of **** these people are racist and their decision is racist but keep trying to hide what is obvious!

    • You’d need to understand the issue first instead of jumping on your ill informed position based on whatever headline you read originally. I can’t help you with that.

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