Date: 16th July 2019 at 6:25am
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With new West Bromwich Albion head coach Slaven Bilic talking transfers recently, many fans felt that it was basically an indication that we would be having a panicked deadline day, even if he himself stated he was happy with the plan we had and wasn’t nervous about our current situation.

With news over the weekend suggesting that Southampton striker Charlie Austin had rejected a move to The Hawthorns with many feeling he was happy to sit on the bench and see out his contract, Bilic’s initial words seemed right on the money.

He’s held another in-depth interview with The Express and Star that they published on Monday following the 3-0 friendly defeat to Villarreal, and it might just be me, but there’s seem to be a touch more panic in his words as he seems to be urging the Board to get something done – as he distances himself from being the one making the decisions,

“As every West Brom fan knows, we need to get some players because we lost a lot of players last season and we need to replace them. At the moment, is it close? I hope it’s close. It’s not on me. I’m inside of course, but it’s not me who is dealing and finishing the transfers. I hope we make some), because it’s about time. It’s only three weeks until the season starts. Like any other manager I would like to have had the players for the first day of pre-season but let’s say it will be crucial for them to come next week.”

I can’t be the only one reading into it can I?

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14 Replies to ““Is It Close? I Hope It’s Close” – Bilic Makes Interesting Transfer Comments At West Brom”

  • If you sell Rondon for over 16m then Neal Paupay would be a good buy, However all I can see at moment is
    No interest in bringing players in and no investment by owner all I see is relegation.
    Need owner to sell ASP no good for future of clum

  • Its starting to become concerning that we are doing our business (or rather non-business) in the traditional WBAFC way! I think Slaven is astute enough to recognise when he has been told a pack of lies. If the backroom boys do not get a few deals over the line soon, he may well make his own decisions.
    If the club think a few loans and some last minute signings akin to HRK are going to cut it, then we are some serious trouble I think. We are fortunate to have a good crop of kids coming through and they need nurturing, throwing them into a 46 game season will not be the way for them to develop and both the club and the young players will suffer accordingly in my opinion.

    • From I’m not panicking the other day to we need to get a move on – it’s a bit of a switch from Bilic isn’t it.

  • I can see Bilic walking out , thought it when appointed and have seen nothing to change my mind .
    Dowling and the Owners are a disgrace.

  • Dowling and Jenkins are a car crash and just as bad as the owner. They have no idea and I wouldn’t blame Bilic if he walked. It’s s shambles

  • get the board and the cureen managemet out before is too late.No intention of spending any money,and being involved with any name mention in the transfer market, showes that they have no plans in place. Is certain that Bilic will walk out before the start of the season.

  • Mate,haven’t played Valencia for years,Bomber Brown got 2 at the Hawthorns,I was there

  • Now i can see why folks are in a panic about the transfer situ. If they are trying to get players in the clock is ticking. But i can only assume thats what they are trying to do but they ain’t.. much success. Bilic knows he has to take that into consideration, with that in mind maybe we should think long term about our kids been given a shove into the deep end.

    • Purely from the financial point of view we need to start maximising the Academy and whilst judgements shouldn’t be made too quickly on those that sink when their chance comes along, there has to be a far better pathway through so we stop holding talents back – and inevitably lose them because they know they won’t get better chances here.

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