Date: 19th October 2018 at 8:00am
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New West Bromwich Albion technical director Luke Dowling has confirmed this week that if other clubs are willing to match our valuations for players in the January window, we will sell.

The open confirmation doesn’t really come as a surprise to many fans at all really, in fact being so open about it is the main surprise given how close to the chest things are usually kept – even if it’s open educated knowledge.

So Dowling does deserve some credit from his interview with the E&S, although it is fair to say the announcement was couched in not being afraid to do deals for long-term interests and he restated he had confidence that the club had the right recruitment plans in place to cover for any losses.

Whilst there is some sense in what he says on this particular topic, as the social media comments from fans giving their response shows, it is a frustration given where we sit in the league at this moment in time so it’s not the perfect message on that front – even if the balance is again, this news is hardly a grand secret.