Date: 6th July 2016 at 4:00pm
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With head coach Tony Pulis’ pre season training regime pretty well known, fitness coach Matt Green has said the players can expect a re-run of this time last year now they are back in training.

With the first week always the toughest before then heading to the Alps again as a favoured spot, Green pointed to the rarity of the ‘soft tissue’ damage the players suffered last season as being the reason why it’s all worth the effort.

Speaking to he explained.

‘The boys can be expecting a very similar week to the one they had in Austria last year. Typically that week is three sessions a day. The first session is the cardio session where they will complete cycling or running and that work is interval based so it`s not for long periods, more short and intense blocks with recovery between those blocks. The second session is in the middle of the day and it is their strength and conditioning session. That will be a mix of group-based work and individual work which will be scheduled based on their screening test results.’


‘The final session is in the early evening and that is the football session so we will be down at training pitches doing some football specific work where Tony will be able to work on tactical and technical aspects, but there will be physical elements to that as well. Most players will find Austria the hardest part of pre-season because that is when the biggest volume of work comes from.’

As for how training progresses as the pre season goes by, he went on to explain that over time it will become more ball work based.

‘As we progress through pre-season the work they do becomes more football-specific, bright and explosive. Some players find the work without the ball the hardest whereas others will be very comfortable aerobically. Last season we had an excellent record in maintaining a low amount of soft tissue injuries which as a science and medical department, that is one of our goals. We are hoping to use similar methods this pre-season to achieve similar results this season.’

With the first stage of pre season always being the testing phase to judge where players are following their summer breaks, he ended by explaining.

‘It gives us a gauge of what condition the boys have come back in and who has been maintaining their level of fitness over the summer. We can make sure they are fit to proceed for the pre-season schedule by doing the screening tests and we can also individualise their training. That week in Austria last year set us up well for the rest of pre-season and the season in general.’

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