Date: 2nd June 2008 at 4:30pm
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Wolverhampton based newspaper the Express & Star is reporting that Celtic have entered the race to sign the Baggies’ Hungarian playmaker Zoltan Gera.

Whilst acknowledging the fact that Celtic are one of the biggest clubs in Britain is this really a good career move?

OK, Celtic can offer Champions League football, at least for the early stages but the Scottish Premier league is so poor that it does not compare favourably to the Championship. Remember, Zolly desperately wanted to leave the Championship behind, so why would he want to now go to an inferior league?

It seems to be the ambition of most Scottish based players to play in England. For Gera to head north of the border now, he is settled with his wife and new child in the Midlands, would be astonishing.

Stranger things have happened though.

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32 Replies to “Gera to leave West Brom for Celtic???”

  • Championship better than SPL ?! Don’t make me laugh:) Reaching last 16 of CL last 2 years (not to mention UEFA cup finals) still means 8 top european games against world’s best players. Doing that in front of 60,000 fans might be better than playing Colchester & Scunthorpe. Good luck getting spanked every week in EPL & keep this Gera cause he ain’t good enough fo the Hoops.

  • He’d be flippin mental. If Championship sides played SPL sides, granted a couple of defeats, the Championsip would take it to shreads. The very fact that Chris Porter, formerly of Oldham, decent enough pro, nothing special, takes the SPL by storm.

  • Rangers and Celtic aside all of the other SPL teams would struggle in the Championship.

    The Championship is better supported than the SPL and more competitive which is why there has been a steady stream of players and managers opting to ply their trade down here.

    Gera not good enough for the Hoops but Lee Naylor is?

  • Barnsley beat strong Liverpool and Chelsea teams in the F A Cup so why not beat Celtic?

  • Lee Naylor has been pants for Celtic this season. Plus plenty of supposed good EPL players have come to Scotland and done poorly. Players such as Graveson and Jarosik, who would grace any Championship team were very very poor in Scotland. The same applies to Massimo Donati. Aberdeen got out of thier group in the Uefa cup this season, beating Copenhagen 5-1 in the process, which is something i doubt even WBA could do. Please do not judge the SPL with the typical English arrogance.

  • Scottish Football is poor having been dominated by the big two for too long. The Championship is highly competitive, there are no easy games and I would imagine that West Brom would easily be the match of Aberdeen.
    As for Barnsley beating Liverpool and Chelsea U21s you should check the teams.

  • kenny miller is a superstar in the championship but in SPL he is pish. The SPL teams outside old firm are better than majority of championship but don’t offer the same wages. Virgo was SPL flop but Championship superstar.

  • I was at the Celtic 5 – 1 QPR game and I can tell you that SPL teams are much tougher to beat as league stats show. end of.

  • it is just typical english arrogance.I lived in england for five years and they all said larrson would be an average champoinship player at most… the SPL isnt the best but english football is just over rated….and gera isnt good enough but then strachan has a nak of signing players that arent good enough for the hoops.

  • Another example would be Dion Dublin. He was very very average in the SPL but seemed to do very well for Norwhich this season. No Celtic fan would argue that tha Scottish League is great, but English people write it off with very little knowledge. How many of you have ever watched an SPL game not involving Celtic or Rangers? You cant judge something if you havent seen it.

  • Bednar was average in SPL for Hearts but WBA’s best player. You want more evidence that this article is pish ? You can keep Gera by the way.

  • And as for the Championship being competitive, of course it is as it is impossible for a single team to dominate a second tier division. Any league that has 6 different teams in it every season is going to be more competitive than a league with more established teams. A constant state of flux makes the continuity that there is in top leagues, and lets not kid ourselves the same teams have dominated every top league in Europe, its not something that is common to the Scottish league.

  • I was there when West Brom beat QPR 5-1 earlier this season.

    I have seen enough of Scottish teams to make a judgment and they are poor whichever way you look at it.

    Kenny Miller was never a superstar and where Norwich finish.

    As you say don’t judge something until you have seen enough of it. Having watched the Championship and the Premier League first hand and SPL on the box I can honestly say that the SPL is third best.

  • the SPL maybe isnt that great but thats because there is no money…if you put celtic or rangers in the english premier one of them would win the league within 5 years…as the money they would recieve in england and the size of their fan base they would become massive….

  • Is this Gera fella any cop? Would he be able to handle the step up in class from the Championship to the Champions League?

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