Date: 13th February 2019 at 8:48pm
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On loan West Bromwich Albion striker Dwight Gayle has been charged by the Football Association this evening with ‘successful deception of a match official’ following the award of a penalty in Tuesday evening’s draw with Nottingham Forest.

The 28-year-old was deemed to have been fouled by matchday referee Lee Mason in the 89th minute of the game in the 2-2 draw, and Jay Rodriguez successfully converted the penalty opportunity to tie the scores up and take a point.

Sky Sports were one of many to report the charge coming in from the FA, and Gayle now has until 6pm on Thursday evening to accept or challenge the accusation.

It’s not a surprise it’s been raised by the FA following the rule changes back in 2017 as the incident drew plenty of focus at the time from pundits and fans and in fairness, to me it looks like he goes down in anticipation whereas if he’d have carried on he’d have been caught and taken down anyway with contact.

Whether that actually ticks the ‘simulation’ element as the rule change intended is open for debate.

If he accepts the charge or is found guilty in any event, it’s an automatic two game ban.


8 Replies to “Gayle Charged By FA Over Controversial Penalty Award”

  • so you’re saying he dived because if he hadn’t flung himself into the air like a breaching whale, he might have collided with the Forest defenders he was hurtling towards, including the one whose foot he trod on before leaping into the air.

    Yeh that should sway the judges.

    Why do people try to defend this kind of outrageous cheating. I’ve always thought of West Brom being a friendly fair minded club, this kind of thinly veiled denial doesn’t cover the club in glory. He’s not even a West Brom player he’s on loan, he should be hung out to dry.

      • Breaching not breached. It’s what whales do when they come up from the depths and fly through the air. Andrew has it completely right.

    • Because surely you see a distinction between avoiding contact when it’s clearly coming and then going down like a two dollar hooker when there’s no contact.

  • So giving him a 2 mach ban solves the problem??? It doesn’t help Forest’s cause of losing 2 points when trying to get in the play offs.

    WBA will still field 11 players in their next 2 matches and could win both even without Gayle and will still keep the point they gained in the Forest game.

    The FA will ultimately only punish Gayle and WBA will have gained from his cheating!!!!

    The rule should be to deduct WBA’s point (and the goal) and then give Forest the 2 points lost plus the goal back.

    Taking points from the team is a far better deterrent – it will infuriate his team mates – the manager & fans, not to say any bonuses that the players thought they would have in their pay packets.

  • Just wondering what would happen in the same situation if something similar happened on the last day of the season and a team lost 1/2 or even 3 points that took them into the bottom 3 and got them relegated!!!

    Players would be moving on – Revenue into the club would go down – Attendances would drop or even the manager could get the sack. So playing by the FA’s rules how many people would suffer from something that is beyond their control or not their fault?

    It’s time the FA grew a pair and set some hard and fast rules that would benefit and protect the innocent and punished the perpetrators.

  • So a tackle over the top on Holgate which was noted by the pundits and could have broken his leg goes unpunished.

    We rely on the Referees he saw it and gave a penalty that should be the end of the matter. Rightly or wrongly we should back the referee, or else every game will be back to the FA for review

    • It’s an interesting cross over as the referee saw it and acted, yet in the case of Tyrone Mings the FA couldn’t act because the referee saw it and acted???

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